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We want to make people happy.
With a Disco-Snail or a Floral Pizza, it’s our goal to break your boring Instagram feed and to get a smile on your face. We like to remind people how fascinating the world is by producing images of food, animals, and objects. These images are minimalistic mash-ups with pastel backgrounds.  
We are Paul Fuentes Design.

Paul Fuentes Design

Artist duo Paul and Ilse combine the best of two artistic movements and transform them into pastel-colored compositions. French surrealism and the culture of Pop Art form elementary the lively proposal of the young artists and define what they themselves call "The new pop art".


They are photographers, directors, thinkers and create mash-ups of food, animals and everyday objects that they merges into a surrealistic, humorous whole without mercy.

If it’s a Disco Snail or a Floral Pizza, it’s there goal to get a smile on your face!

Paul Fuentes sketching
Paul Fuentes Photo

With Paul Fuentes Photo you can see the world through a colorful lens.

Working with the a similar style and without missing the pastels, Paul takes his travel photographs to a surreal and unexplored place. From California deserts till tigers in the pool.

This travel collection is just another call for people to live a simple, colorful, adventurous and happy life.

Paul Fuentes Artist Statement
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