Graphic Design in Mexico

My mother studied graphic design (and so did I) and my musical dad worked on radio and television post-production creating music for commercials. My talents and personality come from both of them. My skills in design and photography come from my mom. On the other hand, I’ve got the patience, spontaneity, and positive thinking from musical dad. After graduating, I started my first job as an editor for the social magazine of my university. I did enjoy it for those four years, but it felt like something was missing…

Turning ideas into art

So full of new ideas, I went back to Mexico. I started sketching and collecting pictures. Also, I noticed the trend of food photography on Instagram. I took the lock of my account and started sharing my personal work, just to get some feedback perhaps. Suddenly, my account was booming! I got interviews requests, people wanted to use my designs for advertising, and my followers kept on growing. I really didn’t expect this, but now I knew: this was my calling, creating images of common food, objects and animals in a new and twisted way. Paul Fuentes Design was born @paulfuentes_design.

A trip to Europe changed everything

I loved Europe! A world opened up for me, I felt more comfortable straight away. The design was more clean, direct, and artistic. I left my comfort zone to find a better one full of inspiration and creativity. In London, I met a Dutch girl called Ilse on a Mexican night (how ironic). We had a great time and by the end of the night I gave her a 20 pesos’ bill as a reminder to (please!) visit me in Mexico.

The Paul Fuentes Team

You romantics might wonder what happened to Ilse. Well, I’ve got good news: she’s joined the team as a creative member. It is her job to manage the content and get more engagement. She’s also responsible for the product range we’ve got on our stores and @fuentes_studio. With her background in media, entertainment, and management, she is the perfect fit to the team. We both love exploring and we want to make the world our teacher.

This is just the beginning

I quit my job at the magazine and want to go 100% for this. In the future, I want to create collections, get to know new cultures, and start working with video and animation. But most of all, I want to continue making you happy.

Artist Statement
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