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Discover our exclusive collection of Signed Limited Editions. Let me take you to dreamy places with a nostalgic vibe. 

Cheetahs at the Pool

Escape to a green oasis and lazy summer days. Shading under vintage beach umbrellas.
We love a bunch of frills, funky colours and sassy designs! 

Limited edition of 80, hand-signed and numbered.

Palm Springs Tigers

This piece is one of the first created for the photo collection and features both the big cats and pastel colours that are a signature of my work. It showcases Palm Springs back in its 1950’s heyday.

Limited edition of 80, hand-signed and numbered.

Pig Pool Party

Three pigs having their own pool party. The piece showcases passion for luxury travel, Palm Springs architecture, Californian swimming pools, and vintage pool umbrellas.

Limited edition of 80, hand-signed and numbered.

Miami Beach

Beautiful and rich colors

The picture is so beautiful and I'm so happy with my purchase!

Hollywood Tigers
Paul & ilse


Paul Fuentes Design is owned by husband-and-wife due Paul and Ilse Fuentes. Paul grew up in Mexico City where he worked as a graphic designer and started his fascination with manipulating images for fun. It’s 2015 when Paul opened his Instagram account @paulfuentes_design to share his minimal mashups. That same year they met in London and after travelling back and forth between 'his' Mexico and 'her' Netherlands for a long time. They decide to settle their studio in the same place they met, London. They are photographers, directors and thinkers and create...